CIOs expected to lead the way

President Clinton established the council last August as the government's main
interagency team for executing the policy and regulatory changes mandated by the
Information Technology Management Reform Act. Comprised of the government's top IT
managers, the council is responsible for devising capital planning and investment
procedures, strategic planning techniques, interoperability standards and education

Alan Balutis, the Commerce Department's deputy CIO, said that unlike many other
interagency groups, the council members meshed easily. Council members have formed five
standing committees and are drafting policy guidelines for telecommunication services

"The group coalesced quickly. Not just around the year 2000 issue, but the members
realize the importance of training and education for core competency skills, information
sharing and interoperability," Balutis said. 

Since its inaugural meeting last October, the council has been developing a capital assets
management guide, has published several year 2000 information pamphlets and has launched
seven capital planning and budgeting pilot projects. 

Koskinen said he was satisfied with the council's preliminary efforts and expects more
concrete results soon. OMB also is urging the CIOs to establish IT review boards inside
their agencies to ensure that the new capital planning process succeeds. 

 "We'd like to create review boards within the departments because that's where
the fundamental decisions are made," Koskinen said. The council report is also
available on the Internet at

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