Epson's digital camera trades quality for quantity

PhotoPix should have its own batteries so it doesn't drain the main cells. Better yet,
the snap-on LCD should come with its own AC adapter. Epson offers the adapter as part of a
mail-in rebate, but in the six to eight weeks it takes it to arrive, you could go through
168 AA batteries using the camera an hour a day.

Unlike the easy software on Epson's printer line, the PhotoPC software has gotten more
complex. Two applications, Epson Photo and PhotoPC 500, organize and alter images and
interface with the camera. I could never recall which was which until they launched. Epson
has more work to do on this software.

Last year, the PhotoPC earned a well-deserved B plus. But the PhotoPC 500 has a lot of
room to improve; it gets a C plus.

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