In LAN wars, switches push aside routers

The ForeRunnerLE's bundled software includes ForeThought 4.1, which emulates Ethernet
and token-ring LANs, and ForeView Simple Network Management Protocol-compliant software
for enterprise management under Hewlett-Packard Co.'s OpenView or SunSoft Inc.'s Solstice
SunNet Manager.

 Microsoft Corp. is building Fore Systems' LAN emulation (LANE) code into future
Windows 97 and NT releases, they said.

 Fore Systems' federal director, Richard E. Bibb, said 80 percent of LAN traffic used
to be purely local and 20 percent outside, but that ratio has now flipped over.

 "You don't want to have to make a forklift upgrade" of a LAN structure to
do internetworking, Bibb said, which is why the LAN switching market has gotten so hot

 GigaLabs, a Sunnyvale, Calif., company with customers at NASA and Energy Department
labs, expects greater bandwidth growth than Cisco-as much as tenfold per year, driven by
multimedia and World Wide Web use.

 The company's $11,000 GigaStar 3000 16-slot switch can be configured with one
Gigabit Ethernet port, one GigaPipe port or 16 10/100-megabit/sec Ethernet ports. 

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