Boots leaves Justice for NPR and beyond

His first stop will be the National Performance Review, where he will spend six months
on an online security project. After that, Boots, the director of systems technology at
Justice, will be job hunting again.

"I really think that at the end of the six months, I will have given the
Department of Justice and the National Performance Review their money's worth, and I will
be ready to move on to something new," Boots said.

Until Justice names a replacement, Boots' aide, Betty Brown, will handle his duties.

Mark Boster, Justice's deputy chief information officer, said, "Andy has been at
Justice for some time, and he has grown increasingly frustrated in his current position. I
think this offers him an opportunity to re-energize himself and move on to other

Boots said he would consider future jobs with Justice bureaus, such as the Immigration
and Naturalization Service or the Bureau of Prisons. He also will look at the state and
local government arena, possibly even industry.

Boots said his reasons for leaving Justice are a mixed bag of professional frustrations
and personal uncertainties.

"I feel stalled. I was sitting in a meeting some time ago and said, 'You know, I
had exactly this meeting three years ago. Different people, same topic, same problems,'
" he said.

"And also, this is sort of a midlife crisis. I am past 50, and my children have
all left home and are getting married, and I am just looking to do something new with my
life," he added.

He said what he finds most frustrating is the government's inability to keep up with
industry salaries.

"There is a sort of sadness that I have that the whole department has not been
able to retain the right kind of people," Boots said. The people there are dedicated
and bright, but when someone leaves, it takes too long to find an adequate replacement, he

Boots said his primary focus at NPR will be working on how the government can offer
more online services while guaranteeing privacy and data security.

"I have never had the security and privacy portfolios together and this really
excites me," he said.

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