Microsoft's Battle is for the Small Guy - May 28, 1998

Not everyone believes Microsoft Corp. is out to squish the small guy. In fact,
Microsoft has made it possible for hundreds of small businesses to thrive under its
partnership programs. Some of those partners are rising to Microsoft's defense in the
looming anti-trust battle.

Demonstrating support for Microsoft in its battle with the Justice Department, M.
Victor Janulaitis, CEO of Positive Support Review, a Santa Monica, Calif. software firm
announced that it has posted a petition on its web site in  in
support of the software giant. Janulaitis invites other Microsoft Partners and the public
in general to electronically sign the petition, which will be presented to the Department
of Justice and Members of Congress.

"We believe Microsoft deserves to be supported by its partners in thesoftware
industry", stated Janulaitis. "Without Windows(r), as the universally accepted
operating system, PSR, wouldn't be operating at all, nor would most other small software
companies. This is a fight for the small guy and that small guy is every company that
relies upon Windows."

"We believe now is the time for companies like PSR to demonstrate their support of
the company that has made computers accessible to everyone and a necessity in everyday
life, which has opened opportunities for all.

To read and sign the petition, visit

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