SQL Server adds Java to its repertoire

The next generation of Sybase Inc.'s SQL Server database management system will let
users execute and debug encapsulated Java applications from any data server on a network.

The architecture differs substantially from the universal server products that database
rivals Oracle Corp., IBM Corp. and Informix Software Inc. are promoting, said Toby Younis,
director of enterprise systems consulting for the Sybase public sector group. The group
counts as customers many Defense Department and intelligence agencies.

Sybase, of Emeryville, Calif., will provide database management products for DOD's $241
million Standard Procurement System contract, which was recently awardedto American
Management Systems Inc. of Fairfax, Va.

Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise 11.5, now in beta testing, adapts to data format and
logic changes via a common language processor and component integration layer.

Data can be stored on any network tier, and logical components can move from tier to
tier, Younis said. The approach differs from object DBMSes, which assume the user can
create objects that contain data, metadata and logic.

Sybase will ship the common language components early next year, followed by the
component integration layer.

"From that point, Sybase will have everything necessary to build the adaptive
equivalent of a universal server," Younis said. Sybase plans to have all the pieces
by the end of 1998.

Sybase will add the descriptor "adaptive" to Sybase SQL Server, Sybase IQ and
Sybase SQL AnyWhere as it puts adaptive functions into those products.

The common language processor will support two languages: SunSoft Inc.'s Java and
Sybase's Transact SQL. "Up and down the three tiers will be Java components or Java
Beans," Younis said. "We believe that's a common language for the future."

The embedded Transact SQL supports the Federal Information Processing Standard 127-2
for the Structured Query Language.

The component integration layer will handle 25 relational and nonrelational data types,
plus special types such as geospatial, time-series, text and multimedia data.

Any queries and transactions that are made against data stored in Sybase's own Adaptive
Server Enterprise, Adaptive Server IQ and Adaptive Server AnyWhere can bypass the
component integration layer.

Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise 11.5 will support distributed queries and
transactions, third-party failover packages, database-resident message queues and external
security services.

Contact the Sybase Public Sector Group at 301-896-1600.

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