Ergonomic keyboard holder prevents wrist strain

The solidly built AKP Adjustable
Keyboard Podium will hold your keyboard, mouse and even mouse pad in the wrist-neutral
position that relieves repetitive-motion strain.

You can sit or stand at the AKP and roll it about to give presentations.

The height adjusts via a lever-controlled, gas spring cylinder similar
to those on office chairs.

A compression spring on a butterfly plate controls tilt. Optional
extensions widen the keyboard table up to 471Ž2 inches.

The table swivels 360 degrees and tilts as high as 17 degrees.
Recommended weight limit is 30 pounds, but that's conservative. The AKP is built almost as
sturdily as the old government steel desks that could double as ad-hoc bomb shelters.

The five-spur base was stable on heavy-duty casters. Assembly took no
tools--not even a screwdriver. I snapped the supporting cylinder into the base and snugged
the top onto the other end without washers, screws or bolts.

I was perplexed by a couple of leftover steel sleeves, which a more
mechanically inclined colleague saw were designed to fit in the base as extensions.

But I had to call the company to discover how to tilt the podium via the
same lever that controls height. A few illustrations in the documentation would have

The AKP was comfortable. The table had ample room to support my lower
arm, and it noticeably reduced stress.

When I stood up to work, the recommended 17-degree incline felt more
natural than it looked. My mouse tended to roll downward, but the table lip kept it from

To use the podium while standing, get a keyboard cable extension and a
mouse extension. Standard cables won't stretch far enough.

One caveat about this and most other ergonomic products: If you ignore
the documentation and fail to position things correctly, not only will you miss out on the
ergonomic benefits, you might even induce additional wrist and hand strain.

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