CaptureEze97 snags a screen image as a digital freeze-frame

CaptureEze97 fits the bill for a straightforward,
customizable screen-capture utility.

It's easy to install, takes up less than 3M on your hard drive and can capture any
image on your screen whether you're surfing the World Wide Web or working in a favorite

The only thing I found CaptureEze could not capture was an image of itself.

The utility offers many options to customize captures. You can preview and enhance
screen shots, print or save to a file. You choose exactly what's captured, from an entire
screen down to a specific object.

Hot keys for activating a screen capture are customizable. The Print Screen button is
the default for capturing and printing an entire screen. The combination of Alt-Print
Screen grabs just the active window. You can set the program to activate when Microsoft
Windows 95 or Windows NT starts up.

Best of all, CaptureEze will save images as .bmp, .gif, .tif and .pcx files.
Unfortunately, it cannot recognize or save .jpg files.

One interesting option sets a specific time for a capture, which can be repeated at
intervals. The only use I can see for this is to capture multiple stills from a video
file, but some users might find it handy for other things.

Besides capturing screen shots, CaptureEze97 does basic image editing.

You can open and enhance existing images or preview and tweak screen shots. Images can
be flipped, cropped vertically or horizontally, inverted or converted to grayscale or
duo-color formats.

Image brightness, contrast and color are adjustable. Black and white can be reversed,
and existing colors in the image can be selected and copied or changed.

Resolution adjustment isn't an option here. But let's face it, this is a capture and
printing utility, not a full-fledged image editing program.

When you print, you can't increase resolution. You're stuck with 72 dots per inch, the
standard monitor screen resolution. Printouts are fuzzy, because crispness on paper
requires at least 150 dpi and ideally 300 dpi.

My biggest complaint about image editing is the size of the work area. Most of the
screen is taken up by a huge border with oversized buttons to activate different options.

A zoom function is available, but you can't enhance the image in the zoom mode.

On a small screen, it's almost impossible to pick up colors accurately and fill in
other areas of the image using the picker.

The image editing feature I liked best was an option to add text to an image.

For images or screen captures that you plan to import into a presentation, it saves a
lot of time to build a caption or headline into the image itself.

CaptureEze97 also can print a thumbnail catalog of all the images within a single
folder, including information about each image.

This package gives you several options at a reasonable price.

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