No shock; sysadmins do better in industry

As an information systems professional working for the government, you're making, on
average, about $7,000 more than your systems colleagues in education.

On the other hand, your counterparts at a systems integrator are making an extra
$10,000 each year.

These are some of the findings from last month's Sans Institute annual survey of system
administrators and security professionals. The Bethesda, Md., research and educational
organization based its figures on 1,600 survey responses, 153 of which were from
government employees.

In the United States, top salaries go to those working in California--$68,443 on
average. Northwest workers make do with $53,257.

Experience makes a difference. Newbie sysadmins have an average salary of $50,034,
which tends to grow to $63,907 after five years.

Generally, education boosts pay scales for all, although a woman with some college will
make $48,039 to a man's $57,770. By the time the two earn their master's degrees, however,
the gap closes.

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