Panasonic PanaFlat PF70 is flatter, sharper than the less expensive ToshibaTekBright

Panasonic's PanaFlat PF70 might have a cathode-ray tube, but its 15.9-inch viewable
area is almost perfectly flat. The 0.24-millimeter slot pitch makes images quite clear.
Red-green-blue controls are bar-shaped, and alignment is tight without distortion. The
resolution reaches 1,600 pixels by 1,200 pixels.

On-screen controls are the same jagged pictograms as on all Panasonic monitors for the
last few years.

The color clarity is good for this monitor's moderate $772 price, but other similarly
priced 17-inch CRTs can produce slightly better colors. Their images do have more
distortions from their curved tubes, however.

Toshiba's TekBright 700P screen still has the curved edges but handles color better
than the PanaFlat for about $125 less. It reaches a higher 1,280-by-1,024 resolution, too.

The TekBright's tightly woven dots are spaced at a 0.26mm pitch, so images aren't as
sharp as on the PanaFlat. I set the screen size smaller than the 15.8-inch viewable area,
because the electron guns were not well-aligned at the edges.

The TekBright is a good, basic monitor with a new slant on control. There's a wheel to
set screen brightness and contrast. As with the PanaFlat, it needs icons or text to
explain some of the higher-end functions.

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