Virtual Telephone from Lucent Technologies Inc. of Murray Hill, N.J., lets mobile
workers handle e-mail, voice mail and phone calls simultaneously over a single phone line.

A user who has the Virtual Telephone client software and Microsoft NetMeeting can
establish a virtual private network via a remote-access server or LAN connection. The user
can log onto the Virtual Telephony server loaded on a Lucent Internet Telephone Server-E
or a server running Microsoft Windows NT.

Once a connection is established, the user has access to e-mail and voice mail over IP.
Telephone calls can be initiated and received during the same session, via voice over IP.
A Personal Call Router feature selectively accepts incoming calls or sends them to the
voice-mail system or other destination.

Visit Lucent’s Web site at

Contact Lucent at 800-247-7000.

An e-mail push product from Symantec Corp. of Cupertino, Calif., mails updated versions
of documents stored on a network.

The client-server Mobile Update application scans selected files and at defined
intervals sends any changes as compressed e-mail attachments. When a user launches an
attachment, the client’s update agent applies the changes to the current file on the
local drive.

A Mobile Update user must specify which files or folders to monitor and how to handle
changes. Remote users also can employ Mobile Update. Managers can use it to distribute the
most recent document versions across a network.

The Mobile Update server software runs under Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 on a 66-MHz
Pentium or faster server with at least 32M RAM and 20M free on the hard drive. Windows 95
or NT requires 8M RAM and 10M of storage.

Contact Symantec at 800-441-7234.

Packet Engines Inc. of Spokane, Wash., makes several gigabit routing switches for
enterprise network backbones and data centers. The PowerRail family can switch more than
37 million packets per second and holds up to 1.5 million addresses.

PowerRail devices route on a matrix of Layer 2, 3 and 4 attributes. The PowerRail 5200
sits at the network core and has 52-Gbps switching capacity. It can accept up to 25
Gigabit Ethernet ports or 2,401 Fast Ethernet ports. The PowerRail 2200 is an enterprise
distributor with 22-Gbps capacity, and it supports 10 Gigabit Ethernet or 100 Fast
Ethernet ports.

Packet Engines also can configure the switches with Fiber Distributed Data Interface,
asynchronous transfer mode or Synchronous Optical Network interfaces.

Contact Packet Engines at 703-860-0707.

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