SiteSweeper can do the chores that keep your site tidy

The special problems inherent in maintaining a smoothly functioning Web site demand
special tools. SiteSweeper 2.0 from Site Technologies Inc. is a valuable arrow in any Web
site manager’s quiver.

SiteSweeper provides a quick and, after configuration, virtually automatic means of
testing a Web site for technical problems.

It checks and reports on seven quality areas:

When using SiteSweeper, most of the work is in the configuration process, during which
you select from a list of many types of tests you want to perform and reports you want to

Using a tabbed dialog window, you can specify the uniform resource locators to test,
which links to ignore, whether or not to test external links, what kinds of link errors to
report or ignore and how many levels of links to test.

The administrator can enter passwords or user names needed to load pages. Such security
information can be saved so it won’t have to be re-entered every time the site is

The program also has a Performance button that lets the administrator control the speed
of the test by setting the number of resources to check simultaneously. A Schedule feature
can set unattended sweeps.

Once the configuration is complete, click Run Now and the program runs itself. It
accesses each URL, follows each link and tests for each type of error, all as specified
during the configuration.

After the run, the program provides several reports, including a graphical
representation of every resource in the site, a link summary that shows a breakdown of
links by status code, an indexed image catalog that contains thumbnails of every image, a
quality summary, and problem and slow pages reports. Graphical reports can be viewed with
any Java-enabled browser.

You can choose from two versions:

The Enterprise edition takes advantage of NT’s security model, which lets
administrators set different levels of authorization for sweeps on a per-user basis. It
also can e-mail when a sweep begins and ends.

The Workstation edition sells for $295; the Enterprise edition is $795 for one site,
$4,995 for multiple sites.

Contact Site Technologies Inc. at 408-461-3017.

—Larry Stevens


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