Indefinite-delivery, indefinite-quantity contracts are shedding
their reputation for cumbersome technical refreshment practices. That often means the
prices drop fast.

On its Army PC-2 contract, Government Technology Services Inc. has replaced a 266-MHz
Pentium II PC with a 300-MHz Hewlett-Packard Co. Vectra VL7 Pentium II system, priced at
$2,399 from the Chantilly, Va., reseller. That’s $231 less than the older system,
said Marlene Harold, PC-2 program manager at GTSI.

The Vectra VL7 has 512K cache, 32M RAM in dual in-line memory modules, 4.3G Ultra ATA
Enhanced IDE hard drive and Cirrus Logic accelerated graphics port video with 4M video
RAM. Also included are a 24X IDE CD-ROM drive, PC Card reader, EtherLink network interface
card, 17-inch monitor from LG Electronics Inc. of Englewood Cliffs, N.J., and Microsoft
Windows 95. The NIC is from 3Com Corp. of Santa Clara, Calif.

GTSI has priced a Vectra VL7 with a 233-MHz processor at $1,889 but other components
are the same as for the 300-MHz model. A similar 266-MHz system goes for $2,099.

PC-2, a two-year governmentwide acquisition contract, has a five-year worldwide
warranty on its products.

Substituting for a 166-MHz Pentium MMX PC on the PC-2 contract is a 200-MHz Vectra VE4
Pentium MMX system with 256K cache, 32M DIMM RAM and 3.2G Ultra ATA EIDE hard drive. The
monitor, NIC and operating system are the same as those of the VL7 except that the video
card has 2M video RAM. GTSI sells the Vectra VE4 for $1,507.

Pentium II 350- and 400-MHz systems from Hewlett-Packard with 100-MHz buses are likely
to be listed by summer’s end, Harold said.

Government Micro Resources Inc. has added Storage Technology Corp. products and
services to its General Services Administration Information Technology Schedule contract.

StorageTek of Louisville, Colo., makes high-performance tape drives, automated tape
libraries, disk subsystems, network products and integrated software for IBM MVS,
Microsoft Windows NT 4.0, Unix and other operating systems.

Agencies can back up and archive data, move records from microfiche to cartridge tape,
and achieve real-time intrusion detection and response with StorageTek products and others
from the company’s associates. StorageTek has a federal office in Silver Spring, Md.

GMR of Manassas, Va., has added 32 StorageTek contract line item numbers to its GSA
schedule. An automated tape library with 252 cartridges sells for $49,338, and a digital
linear tape 7000 drive with mount costs $10,520 on GMR’s schedule contract.

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—Bill Murray

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