Choose SurfSaver if you need to save Web pages for reference

Pros and cons:
+        Easy to use
+        Powerful enough for professional use
+        Competent search tool
–        Works only with Microsoft Internet

Real-life requirements:
PC running Microsoft Internet Explorer

A problem with the Internet is that there is no guarantee that the information you
tapped into one day will be in the same spot the next.

SurfSaver from AskSam Systems Inc. satisfies the need to control and capture enormous
amounts of information on the Web. It takes about 10 minutes to master the product’s
features and begin building a personal database of topical Web pages.

Once SurfSaver is installed, the program attaches itself to your computer’s
browser. It works only with Microsoft Internet Explorer, though AskSam plans to release a
Netscape Navigator version next month.

It’s a simple program. If you come across a page of Web data that you want to
keep, you click the right mouse button to activate SurfSaver and save the page in the
exact format it appears in. The program accurately saves graphics, frames and hypertext
links in a folder you create on your PC’s hard drive.

The hypertext links remain active in the stored version, so clicking on the links when
you retrieve the page will take you to the proper location. Basically, SurfSaver lets you
create a personal Internet of relevant pages on your hard drive.

Unlike on the Internet, your personal Web pages in the SurfSaver database are frozen in
time. There’s no need to print interesting pages and keep paper
records. SurfSaver lets users set up an unlimited number of folders within the

You’re undoubtedly thinking, Won’t this application suck up hard drive space
as more and more pages are saved?

That’s not a big problem. The program requires 2.5M. I created a test folder and
stowed more than 400 Web pages, which only took up another 12M.

But if space on your hard drive is at a premium, you can program SurfSaver to ignore
graphics and save only text.

SurfSaver also has a full-text search engine that lets users look for keywords in the
archived pages.

The search can target a single folder or the entire database. Multiple folder searches
took only a few seconds, even when the folders were brimming with pages.

The program lets you access and make use of the pages. You can attach a single-page or
multiple-folder e-mail message and send the archived data to other users running
SurfSaver. SurfSaver is inexpensive at $29.95 and available directly via the

About the Author

John Breeden II is a freelance technology writer for GCN.

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