New-generation System/390 complementary metal-oxide semiconductor servers from Amdahl
Corp. can execute up to 686 million instructions per second when configured with the
maximum 12 processors. The Millennium 700 Series CMOS servers have a single-processor
speed of 80 MIPS.

They accept up to 16G of memory and 15 logical partitions, and they can be reconfigured

Contact Amdahl at 408-746-6000.

Thinking Machines Corp. has added a Microsoft Windows NT graphical interface to its
Darwin 3.0 data mining software.

Darwin 3.0’s interface has data mining wizards and three integrated algorithms.

The package supports parallel processing, neural networks, classification and
regression, and nearest-neighbor algorithms.

Thinking Machines of Burlington, Mass., prices Darwin 3.0 at $50,000 for the first CPU;
each additional CPU adds $20,000.

Contact Thinking Machines at 781-238-3400.

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