LanRover Access Switch DPS has dual power supplies, cooling feature

The LanRover Access Switch DPS, a remote-access concentrator from Shiva Corp., of
Bedford, Mass., will sell for the same $8,000 price as previous models.

The Access Switch DPS has dual power supplies for fault tolerance and builds in cooling
to lengthen component lifetimes. A 10/100-Mbps Ethernet card comes as standard.

To manage the LanRover, Shiva includes a Java-based tool called the Shiva Configurator.

Its graphical interface can control multiple Shiva devices across a network; settings
for security, protocols and line provisioning can be made across multiple devices.

The Shiva Configurator supports the Hewlett-Packard Co. OpenView management platform.

Existing LanRover Access Switch customers can upgrade to the new chassis for $4,000.

Until year’s end, the company will provide free PowerSurf HTTP and PowerBurst
remote node acceleration software to new buyers.

Visit Shiva’s Web site at
for more information.

Contact Shiva at 781-687-1000.

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