Major HUD Programs


HUD 2020—Information technology plays a big role in Housing and Urban
Development Department Secretary Andrew M. Cuomo’s management reform plan. The plan
relies upon significant technology improvements in HUD information systems and expanded
use of electronic communication with clients and companies that conduct business with the

The IT office is developing the HUD Information Strategy Plan, which will
be the foundation for carrying out the reforms. The office, using the strategy plan, will
help ensure that HUD staff has the necessary technology to achieve reforms.

Financial Systems Integration Plan—HUD is overhauling its financial systems to
create accounting and financial information systems that are accurate, reliable and
timely. HUD will replace 89 financial management and information systems with a single
system that planners expect to save time and give a more accurate assessment on program

HUDWare III—HUD is standardizing its desktop platform under HUDWare II; the new
set of standards will be called HUDWare III. The current standard is Microsoft Windows 95,
Excel, PowerPoint, Word and Netscape Navigator.

The HUDWare II deployment followed a WAN upgrade last year. HUD shifted from X.25 to
TCP/IP with T1 connections and upgraded to a token-ring topology.

HUDWare II’s predecessor, Version I, was the agency’s first PC Windows
desktop program with access to mainframe applications.

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