Go that extra mile on your IP network bandwidth with new voice-over products

Several new voice-over-IP products promise not only to reduce long-distance telephone
costs but also to squeeze more duty out of existing IP network bandwidth.

E-Net Inc. of Germantown, Md., has announced a new version of its Telecom 2000 Digital
Trunk Interface Gateway to connect private branch exchange trunk lines across a WAN. E-Net
also released an audio card that lets a telephone plug directly into a PC for Internet

Cabletron Systems Inc. of Rochester, N.H., also brought out a SmartVoice module to
connect a PBX to a network switch.

The two PBX products claim to bypass long-distance links between offices, eliminating
the cost of maintaining separate voice networks.

Cabletron’s SmartVoice High Speed Interface Module is an uplink module that plugs
into the company’s existing SmartSwitch products. Voice-over-IP technology, developed
jointly by Cabletron and NetPhone Inc. of Marlborough, Mass., will translate voice traffic
into data packets for transport over data links.

The module will be available this summer for $6,995 bundled with the SmartSwitch 9000,
6000 and 2000 platforms, or at $7,995 as a standalone product.

E-Net’s $10,995 Quad T1 Digital Trunk Interface has 96 ports per chassis,
quadrupling the capacity of a 24-port model released in February. The 96-port version sets
up a gateway from one PBX to another over an intranet or the Internet. It delivers calls
to other desktops on the system or locally dialed to the public switched telephone

E-Net also announced a full-duplex, $159 PC sound card that works with most Internet
calling software to contact recipients who have similar capability or to go through a
service provider’s gateway to the public switched network.

Although calling software works alone through a PC microphone and speakers, a
full-duplex sound card is necessary to use a standard telephone set with a PC.

Contact E-Net at 888-366-3638 and Cabletron at 603-332-9400.  

About the Author

William Jackson is a Maryland-based freelance writer.

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