A late entry in firewall assessment gets kudos for performance, speed

One product was not available during the test period—CyberGuard Firewall for NT,
Version 4.1 from CyberGuard Corp. of Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

National Software Testing Laboratory has since tested CyberGuard and found it a top
performer. One caveat: Use of network address translation reduced performance of the other
firewalls, and CyberGuard does dynamic translation that the lab did not test.

It moved data along at a fast clip, however: 91.7 Kbps for Hypertext Transfer Protocol
traffic and 87.3 Kbps for File Transfer Protocol traffic.

CyberGuard Firewall 4.1 passed all the lab’s security attacks without a problem.
It does not protect against Java and ActiveX applets, although third-party software
add-ons are available to do so.

CyberGuard’s greatest strength is in its user-friendly policy setting. The
intuitive interface makes the job easy except for setting time-of-day restrictions.

The firewall has user-definable options for alerts and other actions plus several
filters for logged data. And the manager can use it remotely in combination with a
third-party remote-access package.

Of seven invited Microsoft Windows NT firewall vendors that did not participate in the
tests, Cisco Systems Inc. of San Jose, Calif., said its Global Internet firewall did not
support Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 3 and Hypertext Transfer Protocol 1.1, which were part
of the lab’s test bed.

Network-1 Software and Technology Inc. of New York said its NT products targeted
intranet rather than Internet use. NT products from Cycon Technologies of Fairfax, Va.,
and Milkyway Networks Corp. of Ottawa were not yet available.

Trusted Information Systems Inc. of Rockville, Md., said it had not tested its Gauntlet
for NT firewall on multiprocessor systems such as the lab’s dual-CPU machine. Ukiah
Software Inc. of Campbell, Calif., could not supply enough resources for the test.

—Helen Holzbaur

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