PC Card modem handles ISDN and analog links

The first multifunction PC Card modem will make seamless links between an Integrated
Services Digital Network line and the analog public switched telephone network.

The MultiGear ISDN+56K+Phone card, from SysGear Technology Inc. of Rowland Heights,
Calif., could be on the General Services Administration’s Information Technology
Schedule soon, SysGear vice president Mark Erickson said at a recent trade show.

The multifunction card, which sells for $359, will permit high-speed digital data
transfer while maintaining analog voice communications without switching between cards.

The company already sells a 10/100-Mbps, full-duplex 32-bit Fast Ethernet CardBus LAN
adapter in PC Card format. Another modem card and a LAN adapter for the Macintosh are
in the works.

He said SysGear gives a lifetime warranty and guarantees card compatibility.

One advantage of the combo card for systems administrators and support staff, he said,
is that one dial-up adapter can handle all the communications functions on Microsoft
Windows and Windows NT platforms.

It reduces the risk of conflicts and overloading the operating system’s
communications abilities.

SysGear includes a configuration checklist and instructions for setting up the ISDN
modem functions.

Erickson said drivers are available for several flavors of Unix, IBM OS/2 and various
LAN operating systems.

More information appears on the Web at http://sales.sysgen.com.

Contact SysGen at 626-839-4311. 

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