Cabletron adds new backbone switch for ATM

A new member of Cabletron Systems Inc.’s SmartSwitch family rounds out the
Rochester, N.H., company’s asynchronous transfer mode products.

The SmartSwitch 6500, designed for data centers and campus backbones, fits between the
Model 2500 workgroup and wiring closet switch and the 9500 enterprise switch. The
6500’s 10-Gbps ATM switching chassis works at T3 to OC-12 rates.

The company’s 10-Gbps GigaSwitch, a customer-premises ATM switching chassis, works
at the WAN edge.

The 6500 has nonblocking switch capacity for ATM and LAN technologies such as Gigabit
Ethernet, Fast Ethernet and Fiber Distributed Data Interface.

A fully configured SmartSwitch 6500 with redundant power systems costs about $1,200 per
OC-3 fiber port.

Contact Cabletron at 603-337-2588.

About the Author

William Jackson is a Maryland-based freelance writer.

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