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Information Technology Investment
Management—Education’s chief information officer works with principal
offices, budget planners and other federal agencies to see that the department gets the
most for its technology dollars. Staff members manage and evaluate investments in
information systems. The IT Investment and Capital Planning Group evaluates and proposes
systems and recommends improvements. The group works closely with the IT Investment Review
Board, which advises the Office of the Secretary on major investments.

Strategic Planning—The department
is developing a strategy to determine the cost-effectiveness of IT systems and analyze the
Annual Accountability Report, the Financial Management Status Report, the Five Year Plan
and the Financial Management Strategic Plan.

The Internet Working Group—Education
will expand and improve its Web site, changing it from an online library into an
interactive site where users can complete applications and forms and provide feedback
electronically. The IWG, created last year, developed an Internet policy guide for
department users and has recommended that Education buy a new Web server and establish new
site management procedures.

Year 2000—The department is
repairing date code for its networks and systems. Officials appointed an internal year
2000 project director for overall management and a project coordinator for each of its
principal offices. Together, they make up a task force that has begun work on all
mission-critical systems. Once the systems are fixed, the team will turn to other
department systems.

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