The coming release of OS/390 will bear a heavy resemblance to Unix

When IBM Corp. delivers the latest version of OS/390 next month, the
operating system will resemble Unix more than ever.

The rewritten TCP/IP stack in OS/390 will run “at least as well as it does on the
Unix platforms that have had TCP/IP for many years,” said David Carlucci, general
manager of the IBM S/390 division.

OS/390 Version 2, Release 6 will also have Unix sendmail and a rewritten Network File
System based on Sun Microsystems Inc.’s NFS Version 3.

The new OS/390 will run mixed workloads, spanning everything from batch and print
processing to query and online transaction processing, Carlucci said. In OS/390
Release 7, to follow six months later, IBM will rewrite the Hierarchical File System for
applications such as Lotus Domino Server.

OS/390 is not lacking file systems, Carlucci said. “If you’re running mixed
workloads, you need to support all of the different file systems that applications
use.”Carlucci predicted that OS/390 will be an attractive platform for federal
agencies seeking to consolidate directory servers.

Toward the end of the year, OS/390 will be able to run the Novell Directory Service and
in a later release, Novell NetWare file and print services.

Moreover, OS/390 users will be able to run multiple instances of the Internet-based
Lightweight Directory Access Protocol.

IBM’s Component Broker middleware for OS/390 Release 6 will provide a framework
for new applications written in Java, Enterprise JavaBeans and C++.

“As we get beyond 2000 and customers begin writing new applications in earnest,
that programming model should be appealing because it allows them to interoperate across
multiple platforms,” Carlucci said.

Carlucci encouraged diligence in year 2000 projects, with the warning that agencies
will discover more issues as they go deeper into their projects. “I think that’s
constantly going to be the case,” he said. 

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