This suite tool makes it a snap to prepare glitzy presentations

These tips
will help you draw conclusions

If your graphics needs are small, your office suite might have the right tools.
Before upgrading hardware to accommodate new software, check to see if old versions
running under Windows 3.x are available.
Leave the high-end products to the pros. They require lots of time to learn before they
give you good results.
If you have a pro doing your in-house graphics, don’t restrict him or her with
low-end graphics tools.
Organization charts and flowcharts often need regular updates, so use a specialized
If you use an existing image or drawing database, make sure the new software
doesn’t lose important information when it imports old files.

Building a straightforward presentation couldn’t be simpler than it is with the
presentation component of Corel WordPerfect Suite 8.

Corel Presentations 8 makes it easy from the beginning: Selecting Presentation from the
Microsoft Windows pull-down Start menu brings up a wizard that lets you select from
several templates.

Choosing one presents you with a pre-designed slide show with text and consistent
backgrounds. The templates don’t lock you into a tight format; they just offer design
and layout guidelines. To transform it from a generic template into your presentation,
click on one slide tab after another to edit the text.

For the award show template, the text, which consists of lines such as Name the Award
and First Accomplishment, serve both as place-holders on the slides and as hints to what
information you should add.

Even if you’ve never designed a slide show before, you will likely be able to
build a sophisticated-looking presentation in a few hours.

If you’re confident of your design skills and want to add more lines of text or
more ideas to a single slide, just write over the text and hit the return key to create
additional text lines. Presentations will format the new text and add it to the slide.

You can also change text fonts, alter justification, insert symbols from a supplied
library that pops up if you click on the Add Symbols button, or spell-check your new
text. If you don’t want to work directly on the slides—a good idea if the
presentation is long or complex—you need only go to the Outliner mode where the text
for each slide is shown in an editable outline.

You can use the Outliner mode either for reference and organization purposes or, if
you’re more experienced in slide show design, just enter your text.

Most slide show creators will use a combination of the two editing methods, perhaps
inserting most of the new text in outline mode and previewing the show, then making a few
changes on the slides.

But there’s more to a slide show presentation than text. You could develop complex
charts in QuattroPro or other programs and import them, but you can also build simple 3-D
charts right in the wizard just by clicking on the Add Other Elements button, selecting
Add a Chart and choosing between a data chart and organization chart.

Choosing a data chart format brings up an on-slide chart prebuilt with dummy data and a
spreadsheet-style editing frame in the foreground.

To add your own data, key in the numbers and watch as the 3-D color chart changes shape
in the background.

It’s a simple way to build a basic chart. But if you deal with more complex
elements or will need to periodically update the presentation, you probably also will
maintain a spreadsheet containing the data.

If such is the situation, you need simply open another dialog box and import the
spreadsheet file.

Twenty-two templates come with Corel Presentations 8.

If they’re too basic for your needs, you can make changes to the templates to
produce a more individualized show.

Adding or altering text, importing images, ordering the slides and finishing the slide
show are all just as easy. It’s difficult for standalone presentation programs
to carve out a real niche occupied by such a colorful and easy-to-use suite component.

Ordering the finished slides demonstrates the suite component’s power. Click on
the Sorter button to the right of your slide to see thumbnail images of your presentation.
To change the order in which the slides will be shown, drag and drop them into their new
place in the sequence.

Is the show too large to fit on one screen? No problem.

Zoom out on all images at once to pack more onto the editing screen, or zoom in for a
close look at any single slide. Double-click on it to open a full editing window in which
you can modify the slide, add speaker notes or attach sound to the show.

To see the results of sequence editing, start from any slide, highlight the image you
want to appear first and click on the QuickPlay button. 

Corel Presentations 8 is available for Microsoft Windows 95 and Windows NT for $195.
Corel also has WordPerfect 7 for Linux for $99.

For more information, visit Corel Corp.’s Web site at

Contact Corel at 801-765-4010.   


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