New Communication Products

A suite of five virtual private networking products from Check Point Software
Technologies Inc . of Redwood City, Calif., can be mixed and matched to secure
communications over IP networks. The VPN-1 family works with Unix and Microsoft Windows NT
servers, routers, switches and other networking devices.

The suite includes VPN-1 Software, which combines Check Point’s VPN with its
FireWall-1; SecureRemote client-side encryption software; RemoteLink, a plug-and-play
standalone product that integrates VPN-1 Software with high-speed IP routing; Certificate
Manager for a scalable public-key infrastructure; and the Accelerator Card, a PCI card for
SunSoft Solaris and Windows NT that speeds encryption and supports the Data Encryption
Standard and Triple DES.

The software products start at $2,495, and RemoteLink starts at $2,995. The Certificate
Manager and Accelerator Card will not be available until late this year.

Contact Check Point at 800-429-4391.

Kingston Technology Co. of Fountain Valley, Calif., has added a 16-port stackable Fast
Ethernet hub to its family of 100-Mbps networking products.

The KNE16TX/SE hub can stack three together to supply up to 48 ports that the network
views as one logical unit. A switch on the last unshielded twisted-pair port allows for
crossover or straight-through cable wiring to cascade hubs without a special crossover

The stackable hub sells for $559, including technical support.

Contact Kingston Technology at 800-337-8410.

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