Satellite kit lets you create fly-over simulations in 3-D

Satellite Tool Kit/Visualization Option 3.1 software can perform fly-over 3-D
simulations, create real-time video and observe detailed renderings of terrain data.

The add-on from Analytical Graphics Inc. of Malvern, Pa., works with the 2-D Satellite
Tool Kit 4.0, which is downloadable free from the Web at

With STK/VO 3.1, users can view scenarios from several perspectives simultaneously by
opening different windows. The interface lets them select map backgrounds without editing
separate files.

Analytical Graphics’ Earth Imagery Data Set forms a cloud-free satellite composite
picture of the earth at a resolution of 1 square kilometer per pixel. There are 2,592
global images at 600- by 600-pixel resolution.

STK/VO 3.1 runs on Unix platforms such as the Digital Equipment Corp. Alpha AXP,
Hewlett-Packard Co. 9000 Series 700, IBM RS/6000 and Sun Microsystems Sparcstation with at
least 32M of RAM and 100M free storage. It also runs under Microsoft Windows 95 or Windows
NT Workstation 4.0 on PCs with 100-MHz or faster Pentium processors and 16M of RAM.

More than 80 federal agencies use Analytical Graphics products, including NASA and the
Air Force, Army, Energy Department and Navy.

STK/VO 3.1 starts around $30,000 on the company’s General Services Administration
Information Technology Schedule contract.

Contact Analytical Graphics at 610-578-1000.

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