450-MHz Pentium II appears in PCs, servers for a price premium

The newly released 450-MHz Intel Pentium II processor arrived in leading
PC and server makers’ lines last month, priced at a premium above the fastest Pentium
II systems from a year ago.

Near the end of last year’s buying season, a 266-MHz Pentium II Vectra system from
Hewlett-Packard Co. went for slightly less than $2,000, without monitor, on a General
Services Administration Information Technology Schedule contract. It had 32M RAM, 4G hard
drive, 24X CD-ROM drive and Microsoft Windows NT Workstation 4.0.

In contrast, this fall’s uniprocessor 450-MHz Pentium II Kayak XA-s workstation
starts at $3,300 with more advanced components—128M RAM, 100-MHz front-side bus,
10.1G hard drive and 32X CD-ROM drive—but with the same operating system.

Dell Computer Corp. is delivering the 450-MHz Pentium II in its OptiPlex GX1p,
Precision WorkStation 410 and Dimension XPS R lines. The OptiPlex GX1p starts at $3,414
with 128M RAM, 14G drive, 8M video RAM, internal Iomega Zip drive, integrated networking
and audio, and NT Workstation. The Precision WorkStation without monitor goes for $4,514
with 128M RAM, 9.1G drive and 14X/32X CD drive.

Gateway Inc.’s E-5200 begins around $3,000 with one 450-MHz Pentium II, 64M RAM,
6.4G drive, integrated networking, CD-ROM drive, 13X/32X CD drive and NT Workstation.

The Professional Workstation AP500 and PowerStorm 300 lines from Compaq Computer Corp.
offer the 450-MHz Pentium II. A uniprocessor AP500 starts at $3,000 with 128M RAM, 4.3
Wide Ultra SCSI drive, integrated networking and no monitor.

The TDZ 2000 ViZual graphics workstations from Intergraph Corp. of Huntsville, Ala.,
are getting 450-MHz Pentium IIs and Pentium II Xeons. The TDZ GX1, without monitor, starts
at $4,000 with one processor, 64M RAM, 32X CD drive, NT Workstation and a choice of hard
drive configurations.

Hewlett-Packard builds the 450-MHz Pentium II into its NetServer LC 3, which starts at
$2,780, and the NetServer LH 3, which starts at $5,850 with 100-MHz front-side bus and
four-way upgradeability to Xeon processors.


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