MathSoft boosts reporting feature of latest MathCAD

MathSoft Inc.’s MathCAD 8 Professional draws 2-D and 3-D charts and has rich
OpenGL graphics features for reporting, said Chris Randles, vice president for sales and
marketing at the Cambridge, Mass., company.

Users can mix different measurement units, such as meters and feet, within the same
MathCAD 8 document. An IntelliMath feature attempts to automate routine calculations by
anticipating the user’s next move.

Drawings adjust automatically as mathematical figures are changed or added.
MathCAD’s 3-D plots can spin and zoom, and the files can be saved in Hypertext Markup
Language format for posting on the Web.

The package’s resource center supplies mathematical and physical constants and
extras such as a standard engineering text.

Although MathCAD 8 works with Netscape Communications Corp. browsers, Randles said, it
interfaces more easily with Microsoft Internet Explorer, which comes embedded.

Windows’ Object Linking and Embedding can integrate MathCAD documents with those
created in engineering packages such as Intergraph Corp.’s Imagineer and Visio
Corp.’s Visio, Randles said.

MathCAD users include the Agriculture and Energy departments, Army Corps of Engineers,
Federal Highway Administration, Kirtland Air Force Base, N.M., NASA, U.S. Military Academy
and eight state Transportation departments including Colorado and Florida.

Agencies can buy MathSoft products from the company’s General Services
Administration Information Technology Schedule contract and from federal resellers.

MathCAD 8 Professional for Microsoft Windows 9x and Windows NT Workstation 4.0 starts
at $459; upgraders pay $149. MathSoft recommends Pentium PCs with at least 32M of RAM to
run the package.

Contact MathSoft Inc. at 617-577-1017.

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