New desktop computing products

ADS Technologies has designed three USB Port products to connect Universal Serial Bus
peripherals to PCs that have no USB ports.

Microsoft Windows 98, Apple Computer Inc. Mac OS 8.5 and SunSoft Solaris 2.7 support
USB peripherals such as modems, monitors, printers and scanners.

Multiple items can be daisychained to one USB port on a computer.

The company’s USB Hub will connect four USB ports.

The FBI uses products from ADS Technologies. Agencies can buy the Cerritos, Calif.,
company’s products through resellers and from the General Services Administration
Information Technology Schedule contract held by Ingram Micro Inc. of Santa Ana, Calif.

The USB Port for Desktops starts at $49. A notebook unit starts at $89, as does the USB

Contact ADS Technologies at 800-888-5244.

Network Associates Inc.’s CyberCop Scanner lets administrators identify security
holes by launching hackerlike attacks on their own networks.

The Santa Clara, Calif., company’s scanner has 320 hacker attack signatures.

Its custom scripting languages permit administrators to design their own network
vulnerability tests.

It runs under Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 and SunSoft Solaris 2.5 and 2.6 network
operating systems.

Managers can view the Hypertext Markup Language reports in a Web browser. CyberCop
Scanner also generates reports in ASCII and Rich Text Format text for word processors or
in comma-delimited format for importing into a spreadsheet.

Contact Network Associates at 408-988-3832.

Raxco Software Inc.’s instaNT Pro tool set for Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0
networks lets administrators control disk, emergency, registry and security services from
any network location. They can monitor remote Windows clients, exchange files and run
applications remotely.

The Raxco suite provides registry management, security support and file-access
authorization. It also can defragment local or remote hard disks and put frequently used
files where users can access them faster.

A 50-system license is $216 per server or workstation; a 250-system license is $196.
Raxco of Gaithersburg, Md., sells to the government through Sales Resources Consultants
Inc. of Annandale, Va.

Contact Raxco’s Ray Miller at 301-519-7767.

After 112 years of making typewriters and other office products, Smith Corona Corp.
makes PCs, too.

The Cortland, N.Y., company sells four PC models through its General Services
Administration Information Technology Schedule contract and that of Vanstar Government
Systems of Fairfax, Va. Native Technologies Inc. of Reston, Va., is an 8(a) reseller for
Smith Corona.

A 266-MHz Smith Corona Pentium II system costs $1,399 with 32M of synchronous dynamic
RAM, 4.3G hard drive, 17-inch monitor, 32X CD-ROM drive and Microsoft Windows 95. Also
included are a free upgrade to Windows 98, one-day classroom training and three-year
warranty for parts and labor, the first year on site.

A 400-MHz Pentium II system with 64M SDRAM, 512K of Level 2 cache, 8M Accelerated
Graphics Port graphics card and 11G Ultra IDE hard drive starts at $2,999. It also has a
32X CD-ROM drive, Iomega Zip drive, 56K modem, 10/100-Mbps Ethernet card, and the same
software and warranty.

Contact Smith Corona at 607-753-6011.

Matrox Graphics Inc.’s $88 Productiva G100 graphics accelerator has 8M of
synchronous dynamic RAM for faster 2-D and 3-D video performance. The card is for systems
that have Intel Corp.’s new 440BX chip set and 100-MHz bus.

The Accelerated Graphics Port card comes with drivers for Microsoft Windows 95, Win98,
Windows 3.11, Windows NT Workstation 4.0 and IBM OS/2 operating systems. The Productiva
G100 has a 128-bit DualBus architecture. A diagnostic program checks the card every time
the system boots.

Matrox Graphics’ Millennium G200 accelerator sells for $149 with 8M of synchronous
graphics RAM; 16M of SGRAM costs $79 extra.

The Dorval, Quebec, company has users in the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, NASA and
State Department.

Contact Matrox Graphics at 514-969-6300.

Persoft Inc.’s SmarTerm 3270/5250 connects Microsoft Windows 95 and Windows NT
Workstation 4.0 users to IBM Corp. mainframe and AS/400 computers.

SmarTerm is compatible with Microsoft Office, Microsoft Systems Network Architecture
Server 3.0 and 4.0, Novell NetWare for Systems Application Architecture 2.11 and 2.2, and
Microsoft or other vendors’ TCP/IP stacks.

SmarTerm 3270/5250 for Win95 and NT starts at $99 per user. It has automated
installation, a Windows-like graphical interface for terminal screens, and drag-and-drop
Object Linking and Embedding.

Persoft of Madison, Wis., has users of its PC-to-host software in the Air Force,
Defense Department, Food and Drug Administration, Forest Service, National Guard Bureau,
Postal Service and Veterans Affairs Department.

Contact Persoft at 608-273-6000.

Isys:web with Rich HTML can display fully formatted, converted word processing
documents in Web browsers without add-on viewers.

The software from Isys Odyssey Development Inc. of Englewood, Colo., does Rich
Hypertext Markup Language conversion for documents written in Lotus Ami Pro, Microsoft
Excel, PowerPoint and Word, Rich Text Format and Corel WordPerfect.

Instead of downloading the entire documents for viewing with the help of plug-in
viewers such as Adobe Acrobat, Isys:web with Rich HTML dynamically converts the documents
into HTML on the server, preserving graphics, tables and other formatting.

The Agriculture, Justice and Labor departments and the IRS use Isys Odyssey
Development’s software. Isys:web with Rich HTML starts at $2,800. It requires
Isys:web 5.0 or a later version of the company’s search-and-retrieval Web server.

Contact Isys/Odyssey Development at 303-689-9998.

LAN administrators who want to control unauthorized software on their networks have an
ally in Quarterdeck Corp.’s CleanSweep for Administrators 1.0.

The package lets a manager use Quarterdeck’s CleanSweep software uninstaller on
PCs running Microsoft Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows NT Workstation 4.0. The manager
can lock the Options tab in the CleanSweep client to prevent users from changing their
settings. A configuration tool modifies previously created CleanSweep configurations.

Eglin Air Force Base, Fla., and the Social Security Administration use products from
Quarterdeck of Marina del Rey, Calif. A 25-user site license of CleanSweep for
Administrators 1.0 starts at $250.

Contact Quarterdeck Select at 813-523-9700.

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