Toshiba puts its 266-MHz Portege 7000CT on a diet

Toshiba America Information Systems Inc. has slimmed down its Portege 7000CT notebook
computer to one-inch thickness and 4 pounds in weight.

The Portege 7000CT comes standard with 266-MHz Mobile Pentium II processor, 32M of
synchronous dynamic RAM, 512K of Level 2 cache, 4.3G hard drive, 56-Kbps modem, 12.1-inch
active-matrix display and Microsoft Windows 95 or Windows 98.

An optional expansion dock has a built-in floppy drive, integrated 10/100-Mbps Ethernet
adapter and 24X CD-ROM drive.

Toshiba plans up to 5,800 possible configurations for its new Tecra 8000 notebook.
Starting with a 233-MHz Pentium II processor, 32M SDRAM, 4G hard drive, 24X CD-ROM drive,
56-Kbps modem and Win9x. The Tecra 8000 can be upgraded to a 266-MHz CPU, 8.1G hard drive,
14.1-inch display and DVD-ROM drive.

Toshiba will supply a configuration CD-ROM to show buyers all the choices.

A third notebook, the Satellite 4000, has a 233-MHz Mobile Pentium II processor, 512K
of Level 2 cache, 4.1G hard drive, 56-Kbps modem and 24X CD-ROM drive. Buyers have a
choice of active-matrix or dual-scan 12.1-inch displays.

Toshiba has predicted about 21'2 hours of battery operation for the Portege 7000CT.
Both the Portege 7000CT and the Tecra 8000 will accept Intel Corp.’s 300-MHz mobile
processor when it comes out.

The Portege 7000CT and Satellite 4000 each can handle two Type II PC Cards or one Type

The two units are expandable to 160M RAM, while the Tecra 8000 can accommodate 256M

All three notebooks have Universal Serial Bus and fast infrared ports.

The cost for the Portege 7000CT starts at $2,999, the Tecra 8000 at $2,799 and the
Satellite 4000 at $1,999.

Agencies can buy Toshiba notebooks from Toshiba’s General Services Administration
Information Technology Schedule contract and those of other vendors.

Contact Toshiba Federal at 800-477-1616.    

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