Build high-end Fibre Channel RAID storage system

Trimm’s newest offering is the FR8J, a RAID enclosure that supports Fibre Channel
interfaces and 10,000-rpm 3'-inch Fibre Channel disk drives. Using a dual-loop redundant
Fibre Channel Bus, the FR8J can accommodate up to eight hot-swappable SCA drive canisters
with cam lock mechanisms to protect against rotational vibration.

An interface electronics board plugs directly into the system’s midplane,
eliminating cable tangles. DB9 connectors are used to interface the FR8J board with most
external devices, but the unit also supports most optical Media Interface Adapters,
according to a company spokesperson.

The FR8J box also comes standard with three high-pressure, hot-swappable cooling fans
and dual redundant hot-pluggable 350-watt power supplies. The rackmount unit measures
51'4 by 19 by 22 inches, but a tower version with a customized front bezel is also

Could you pop in a controller from Adaptec Inc. of Milpitas, Calif., or Mylex Corp. of
Fremont, Calif., add some Winchester drives and run the thing with a little third-party
software? Theoretically yes, if you have the time, interest and a resident RAID guru on
staff to help steer you through the shoals.

The price for the FR8J is $5,499.

Check Trimm’s Web site at

Contact Trimm Technologies at 702-263-2310.  

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