Casahl software synchronizes, replicates databases

Its flagship product, Replic-Action for Lotus Notes, replicates data between Lotus
Domino/Notes groupware and relational database management systems. The Replic-Action 5.1
release supports real-time event logging and remote administration from a Web browser.

Several server replication and synchronization products for Microsoft Exchange
groupware are new this year.

Replic-Action Interchange complements Exchange’s data synchronizing functions by
doing cross-domain and field-level replication between Exchange servers.

Replic-Action Synch provides two-way data replication between Microsoft Exchange and
database management systems such as Oracle7 and Oracle8.

Replic-Action Transport does one-way replication between Exchange and database
managers. Replic-Action ERP software maintains two-way synchronization between groupware
applications and enterprise resource planning applications based on SAP R/3 from SAP
America Inc. of Wayne, Pa.

Casahl’s ERP product replicates SAP data and converts it to the Lotus Domino/Notes
Server or Microsoft Exchange format, said Harry Wong, chief executive officer and founder
of the Danville, Calif., company. “If you make changes there, they will be reflected
back to the data source,” he said.

Replic-Action GroupwareLink synchronizes data between Lotus Domino/Notes and Exchange,
“two products that are fighting like cats and dogs,” he said, calling the chief
value “peaceful coexistence.”

Some organizations have also used the ERP product to reduce their SAP user license
fees, eliminate some SAP training costs and give better support to field offices by
converting SAP data to a Lotus Domino/Notes format, Wong said.

For sites that have SAP data but want to run Microsoft Visual Basic applications,
Replic-Action ERP converts SAP data into the Visual Basic format. “You can continue
to use Visual Basic apps but with SAP data,” Wong said.

The list of government sites using one or more of Casahl’s server data replication
products includes the Marshals Service, Education Department, IRS, NASA Goddard Space
Flight Center, Agency for International Development, Marine Corps, and Environmental
Protection Agency offices in Chicago, San Francisco and Washington.

In its Region 5 field office, EPA has been using Casahl products to migrate old Clipper
and dBase data into some of the agency’s newer Lotus Domino/Notes applications.

“On occasion we’ve used the Casahl products to send data from Lotus Notes in
other directions, but primarily we’re using it now to import data,” said Michael
Miller, systems development team leader for the EPA Information Management Branch in

The agency began taking steps to make Lotus Notes its e-mail standard several years ago
“and are finally reaching fruition,” Miller said.

The year 2000 project deadline has accelerated efforts to retire the old Clipper and
dBase applications, Miller said.

Casahl makes developer and production server versions of the Replic-Action for Notes
Server. The $1,500 developer server and $10,000 production server run under Microsoft
Windows NT Workstation and NT Server.

Contact Casahl Technology at 925-736-7704.    

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