Leasing options offered for Aviion servers sold on the IT Schedule

Data General Corp. offers leasing options for all Aviion servers listed on its General
Services Administration Information Technology Schedule contract.

The AV 3700 and AV 3700R departmental servers each have four 400-MHz Pentium II Xeon
processors. The AV 8600 enterprise server has up to eight 200-MHz Pentium Pros. All run
Microsoft Windows NT. The largest Aviion, the AV 20000, has up to 32 200-MHz Pentium Pro
processors running DG-UX.

Also available for lease are Data General’s rackmounted Aviion NT
Cluster-in-a-Box, running Microsoft Cluster Server, and TermServer-in-a-Box running
Microsoft Windows Terminal Server.

A capital lease option covers one to three years, after which the agency owns the
equipment, said James Bruning, general manager of Data General’s federal systems
division in McLean, Va. An operating lease runs 12, 24 or 36 months, after which the
agency either buys or returns the server.

Contact Data General’s Federal Systems Division at 703-827-9600.    

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