A return to what?

A lot of systems development work took place over the last 18 months, but date code
remediation received most of the attention. Other ongoing issues will re-emerge, like
familiar rocks breaking the surface of a river as a flood subsides.

Here are three issues agencies must redirect their attention to:

The common refrain is that telecom and computing are converging. It’s more
accurate to say that switched-circuit voice service is going en masse over to
packet-switched IP networking.

So while agencies ponder a fair price to pay for voice service—2 cents a minute? 5
cents a minute?—don’t forget that some widely dispersed organizations are
avoiding these charges by using voice-over-IP technology.

It’s fair to expect that the FTS 2001 contracts will be flexible enough for
agencies to take advantage of fast-changing developments in telecom.

A subcommittee of the CIO Council is drafting plans for a governmentwide grants
management framework. Aside from managing personnel and accounting, bestowing grants is an
activity common to many agencies.

Systems managers need to skip the brain-dead arguments over encryption standards and
start implementing commercial products. Not every application needs the same strength of
encryption, and no application should be held up by the crypto holy wars.

Thomas R. Temin

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