SMAC loads its PCs, servers with tools from Computer Associates

SMAC Data Systems now loads its PCs and servers with Computer Associates International
Inc.’s Unicenter TNG Framework components for enterprise and workgroup management.

The Gaithersburg, Md., company preinstalls Frameworks’ ShipIT for software
delivery, AimIT for asset management, Remotely Possible for remote control and InocuLAN
for virus protection. The CA apps runs under Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 on the SMAC systems.

The bundling agreement lets agency buyers break up the Unicenter TNG components and use
them as needed, a SMAC official said. “It can take up to a year and thousands of
dollars to deploy Unicenter TNG” across a large enterprise, said Roland Hua,
SMAC’s vice president of corporate development.

Users test the desired software components on a 30-day trial basis and license it from
Computer Associates if they want to continue using it, Hua said. Unicenter TNG Framework
will be incorporated into the Windows NT 5.0 release next year.

SMAC has sold its PowerServ multiprocessor servers, BusinessPro desktop PCs and
PowerPort notebook computers to the Agriculture and Labor departments, Army, Federal
Emergency Management Agency, the IRS and Navy. The company holds a blanket purchasing
agreement for the Navy’s Information Technology for the 21st Century initiative.

Contact SMAC Data Systems at 301-258-0770.    

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