Just as Sun Microsystems Inc. recently moved to make its Unix
products work better with Microsoft Windows NT 4.0, Litton PRC Inc. has brought Sun Unix
products to its Navy Super-Minicomputer Program contract for an organization that has
largely embraced Windows NT.

On SMP, a Sun Ultra 450 server’s price is $22,555 with one 300-MHz UltraSparc II
64-bit RISC processor, 512M of RAM and a 4.2G hard drive.

Agencies that have midrange requirements can buy the Sun Enterprise 3500 server with
tower enclosure, two power/

cooling modules, two CPU/memory boards, four 250-MHz/4MB UltraSparc modules and a
SunSoft Solaris server license for $31,693. Super-Mini is an indefinite-delivery,
indefinite-quantity contract open to all federal agencies.

Dynamic Systems Inc. of Pasadena, Calif., also has added Sun products to its General
Services Administration Information Technology Schedule contract. Dynamic Systems, one of
four GSA schedule contractors that hold a Sun letter of supply, sells everything from Sun
workstations and servers to midrange and mainframe machines.

Users who do modeling, virtual prototyping, imaging, visualization, animation,
rendering and visual effects will pay $13,596 for Sun’s Ultra 60/300 workstation with
300-MHz UltraSparc II processor, 2M of external cache, 128M RAM and 4G hard drive.

The Ultra 60, Sun’s fastest desktop product, also can accommodate a second
UltraSparc II processor. It has two PCI buses and two Ultra SCSI buses for
high-performance hard drives.

The GSA schedule contract of Government Micro Resources Inc. of Manassas, Va., offers
Teleran System software from Teleran Technologies LP of Roseland, N.J., for managing and
optimizing use of relational database management systems.

Teleran System has artificial intelligence and security features that can restrict
access to a database or to any database object down to one column. The product captures
and logs all events occurring among clients, the Teleran software and the database.

Active Advice, part of Teleran System, makes recommendations to users who are trying to
query data warehouses. A 32-user license for Teleran System 1.5 for Microsoft Windows NT
Server 4.0 and Oracle7 DBMSes starts at $25,665 from Government Micro Resources.

To its GSA Schedule 36 contract, Government Technology Services Inc. of Chantilly, Va.,
has added several Hewlett-Packard Co. toner products. A LaserJet II cartridge sells for
$61, LaserJet III and IV cartridges go for $91, and LaserJet V and VI cartridges are $60.
A 6,000-page LaserJet 4000 cartridge costs $75, a 10,000-page cartridge $107.

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—Bill Murray 

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