Call center app funnels communications into one queue

Microlog Corp.’s UniQue line of call center products will channel multiple types
of communications into a single queue accessible by Java-enabled browsers on PC or
thin-client platforms.

The UniQue Agent links the desktop to an intranet or extranet, enabling database access
through client applications that can be administered on the server.

The Germantown, Md., company announced its intention of moving into the call center
market at the Computer Telephony show in New York in August. Until then, Microlog had been
best known in the government for selling interactive voice response systems to the IRS,
said John Mears, senior vice president of product development.

Interactive voice response represents about 10 percent of the call center market, Mears
said, and it is growing at about 16 percent a year. The call center market is growing at
20 percent a year.

Microlog wants to integrate data and voice applications for its federal users, turning
call centers into multimedia contact centers.

“The plain old telephone used to be the ubiquitous client,” Mears said.
“Now it’s becoming the Web.”

Microlog’s product would integrate voice, e-mail, Web, fax and paper mail into a
single queue, hence the name, pronounced uni-queue.

The UniQue Agent resides on a server running Microsoft Windows NT and is accessible by
a Java-enabled browser on a Java thin client; no other client software is needed. Microlog
plans to integrate proprietary client agent applications from other vendors to make
possible a range of call center functions, including coordinated voice and data transfer.

Contact Microlog at 301-428-9100.   

About the Author

William Jackson is a Maryland-based freelance writer.

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