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Dual in-line memory modules from Clearpoint Enterprises Inc. of Milford, Mass., offer
16M or 32M of error-correcting-code and non-ECC synchronous dynamic RAM as 168-pin
standard DIMMs. Prices start at $67 for 32M of SDRAM.

The company also sells 64M and 128M sizes of ECC or non-ECC RAM, as well as memory kits
for Sun Microsystems Ultra 5 and Ultra 10 workstations.

NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center and Lewis Research Center, the National
Institutes of Health, Naval Air Warfare Center and the city of Kalamazoo, Mich., use
memory products from Clearpoint Enterprises.

Contact Clearpoint at 800-253-2778.

Raosoft Inc.’s $495 SurveyWin 4.0 for Microsoft Windows 95 and Windows NT does
online data collection and helps with statistical analysis of results.

A point-and-click selection process lets the survey designer make transitions for
if-then questions. Respondents can select a specific number of top answers to a question.

Contact Raosoft at 206-525-4025.

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