Intergraph finishes 3D Wildcat graphics accelerator ahead of time

The Intense 3D Wildcat 4000 graphics accelerator from Intergraph Corp., originally
scheduled for a December release, is ready ahead of time.

Users who bought TDZ 2000 workstations with a free Wildcat upgrade from the Huntsville,
Ala., company earlier this year [GCN, Aug. 3, Page 78] can
get the card now.

The Wildcat 4000 comes installed in a specially priced federal bundle: a TDZ 2000 GX1
ViZual workstation with one 450-MHz Pentium II Xeon CPU, 128M of RAM, 9.1G Ultra2 SCSI
low-voltage-differential drive and Microsoft Windows NT Workstation 4.0, priced at $6,580
on General Services Administration Information Technology Schedule.

The Wildcat 4000 comes with 64M of texture memory and geometry acceleration; a Wildcat
4100 card will be ready in December as scheduled.

“Simulation applications will get the most benefit” from Wildcat, Intergraph
spokesman Chandler Hall said.

He claimed it delivers the fastest desktop 3-D graphics performance under Windows NT,
comparable to that of Silicon Graphics Inc.’s InfiniteReality graphics subsystem
running on the Onyx2 workstation under Irix.

Contact Intergraph Federal Systems at 703-264-5789.  

  —Susan M. Menke 

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