Build yourself an Ethernet or Fast Ethernet LAN

Figuring out what hardware components and their functions comprise an Ethernet and Fast
Ethernet network is easy. A white paper from Lantronix Corp. of Irvine, Calif., details
the gear you need to build an Ethernet LAN:

Their built-in intelligence lets the networks be split into separate collision domains,
allowing for coverage of greater distances and more efficient use of network repeaters.

Because cut-through switches only examine a packet’s destination address before
forwarding it to its destination, they are very fast. To guard against packet errors,
store-and-forward switches analyze the entire packet before forwarding it, but in doing so
take longer to do their work.

Today’s high-end Fast Ethernet switches often contain one or two links to other
high-speed technologies such as Fiber Distributed Data Interface or asynchronous transfer
mode to guarantee necessary bandwidth for mission-critical applications.

J.B. Miles writes about communications and computers from Carlsbad, Calif. 

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