GCN November 9, 1998 

The Veterans Affairs Department Procurement of Computer Hardware and
Software contract now lists Compaq Computer Corp. Deskpro EN systems.

After purchasing Digital Equipment Corp. earlier this year, Compaq has been replacing
the Digital PCs sold on most of Digital’s government contracts, including the
indefinite-delivery, indefinite-quantity PCHS.

Compaq’s $1,961 Compaq Deskpro EN 6400/6400/CDS 8.4 has a 400-MHz Pentium II
processor, 64M of synchronous dynamic RAM, 512K cache, 4M of synchronous graphics RAM, an
8.4G hard drive and 32X CD-ROM drive.

Microsoft Corp.’s Windows NT Workstation 4.0, Office 97 Professional and
BackOffice client software come preinstalled on the Deskpro EN.

For $58 less, agencies can buy a Deskpro EN 6400 with the same configuration except for
a 6.4G hard drive. Compaq sells the 350-MHz Pentium II Deskpro EN 6350 for $1,818 on PCHS.

Flat-panel monitors suitable for VA hospitals with limited clinical space are another
addition to the governmentwide acquisition contract.

And Compaq has plans to replace Digital’s notebook computers with Compaq products,
according to the company’s PCHS Web site at http://www.usgov.digital.com/pchs

Apple Computer Inc. aficionados can get the iMac G3 computer on the General Services
Administration Information Technology Schedule contract held by Government Micro Resources
Inc. of Manassas, Va. (see review, Page 32).

The $1,194, 233-MHz iMac features 32M of synchronous dynamic RAM expandable to 128M,
512K of Level 2 cache and 2M of synchronous graphics RAM. The iMac has a 66-MHz bus, 4G
IDE hard drive, 24X CD-ROM drive, 10/100Base-T port, two Universal Serial Bus ports and
built-in 15-inch monitor.

GMR has added to its NASA Scientific and Engineering Workstation Procurement II
contract several centralized storage systems from XIOtech Corp., which provide up to 1
terabyte of continuous-access storage.

The preconfigured 144G and 288G storage systems from XIOtech of Eden Prairie, Minn.,
can link to as many as eight servers.

On its Social Security Administration Intelligent Workstation/LAN contract, Unisys
Corp. now sells Lexmark International Inc. Optra S 2450 laser printers. The contract is
open only to SSA.

To its National Institutes of Health Electronic Computer Store II governmentwide
acquisition contract, Daly Computers Inc. of Gaithersburg, Md., has added Ferrups
uninterruptible power systems from Best Power of Necedah, Wis. The Ferrups UPSes protect
against blackouts, brownouts, surges and spikes.

For more information on these and other federal contracts, consult GCN’s Contract
Sourcing Guide at http://www.gcn.com/csg/.

—Bill Murray

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