IBM deals a card to connect PC, mainframe servers

The Escon cards work
with several Netfinity servers.

IBM Corp. this month delivered an Escon adapter to connect IBM Netfinity PC servers to
IBM S/390 mainframe servers at rates of up to 200 megabytes/sec.

Users pay about $12,500 for the high-speed, bi-directional connection, IBM officials

The direct-connect Escon cards work with several Netfinity servers that IBM introduced
in September. The high-end Netfinity 7000M10, a four-way, 400-MHz Pentium II Xeon system,
runs Microsoft Windows NT 4.0. Priced from $11,399, it has 12 hot-pluggable PCI slots and
a built-in service processor for maintenance notification.

The high-end Netfinity accepts up to 8G of 10-nanosecond error-correcting code memory
and an optional IBM Netfinity Fibre Channel PCI storage adapter. It also accepts Gigabit
Ethernet or high-speed token-ring adapters.

The Netfinity 5500M10, priced from $6,999, is a two-way, 400-MHz Xeon system running
Windows NT 4.0. It accepts up to 2G of 100-MHz ECC memory.

The Netfinity 5000 is a two-way Pentium II Slot-1 server, priced from $2,795, that
currently accepts 350- or 400-MHz processors and will accept 450-MHz processors in the
future. Its 64M of 100-MHz ECC memory is expandable to 1G.

A built-in service processor and 350-watt power supply come as standard features of the
Netfinity 5000.

IBM officials said they are continuing work to integrate IBM’s supercomputer
scalable parallel switching technology into future Netfinity servers running NT.

Contact IBM’s Federal Information Call Center at 800-333-6705.

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