Sysadmins eye software that simplifies RAID

Systems administrators like the security of redundant arrays of independent disks, but
they hate the complexity of choosing RAID levels for their applications. And they dislike
the performance hit that RAID storage can exact.

That’s why storage vendors are introducing software to simplify RAID
administration. An example is the Adaptive RAID package from nStor Corp. of Lake Mary,

An nStor representative said the $799 software option for the company’s arrays can
monitor I/O traffic and dynamically adjust the RAID storage level without intervention.

The package for Microsoft Windows NT also lets administrators add drive capacity on the
fly. It uses the full capacity of a new drive even if higher than that of other drives in
the array, she said.

Unisys Corp. also has added automatic RAID management to its NAS 2000 network-attached
RAID array, said Tom Samulewicz, director of strategic planning in Unisys’ Open
Storage Solutions unit. All data is written in mirrored mode, or RAID Level 0 plus 1, also
called RAID Level 10.  

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