Army will fall short of OMB 2000 deadline

The Army will not meet the governmentwide deadline mandated by the Office of Management
and Budget for having 100 percent of systems year 2000-ready, according to a senior
service official.

About 94 percent of Army installations will meet year 2000 compliance come March,
Browning said. But all weapons systems, including tanks, helicopters, aircraft and field
artillery, will be fixed by the OMB deadline, she said.

“The Defense Department, in general, has made a Herculean effort, especially over
the last four or five months, to make systems Y2K-compliant,” Browning said.
“But we still have a lot of work to do.”

For its part, the Army must complete the code fixes for its remaining systems and test
them in tactical, strategic and functional end-to-end exercises, Browning said. The
service also will conduct year 2000 tests at the division and corps levels, she said.

The Army is now in the process of assuring that contingency and crisis management plans
are in place, Browning said.   

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