On target for 2000. The Air Force’s premier air
superiority fighter aircraft and air-to-air, radar-guided missile successfully completed a
year 2000 test.

The service last month conducted a live-fire demonstration of an Advanced Medium Range
Air-to-Air Missile from Raytheon Co. and an F-15C fighter from Boeing Co. at a test range
near Eglin Air Force Base, Fla. The Air Force launched an AMRAAM missile from an F-15
against an MQM-107 target drone after computer clocks were rolled forward on the two
weapons systems.

The AMRAAM, with a range of more than 20 miles, hit the target and destroyed it. The
Air Force, Navy and other foreign air forces use the missile for air-to-air combat against
enemy aircraft.

Landfall 2000. The Navy’s Pacific Fleet
has selected Computer Technology Associates Inc. of Bethesda, Md., to provide its shore
installations throughout the Pacific Rim with year 2000 inventory and assessment of
mission-critical systems.

Under the 18-month contract, CTA will evaluate the fleet’s embedded systems within
buildings and electronic equipment at Navy bases throughout the Pacific. CTA’s
end-to-end year 2000 embedded systems service is certified by the Information Technology
Association of America of Arlington, Va.

The service includes tests of embedded systems that have no identified year 2000 fix-it
plans or whose makers are no longer in business.

Making the switch. The Defense Information
Systems Agency has selected OmniSwitch from Xylan Corp. of Calabasas, Calif., as the core
switching equipment for its networks at 15 Defense Department megacenters.

DISA’s networks support Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, token-ring and Fiber Distributed
Data Interface topologies. The Xylan switches handle data for high-speed asynchronous
transfer mode connections to DOD locations nationwide.

The Naval Oceanographic Office at Stennis Space Center, Miss., also will use the
OmniSwitch for a network upgrade that will provide bandwidth for the delivery of weather
and ocean data to DOD agencies.

Get giga with it. The Army’s Soldier
and Biological Chemical Command in Edgewood, Md., is building a 1,500-user Gigabit
Ethernet LAN with CoreBuilder 3500 Layer 3 high-function switches from 3Com Corp. of Santa
Clara, Calif.

The Gigabit Ethernet backbone, slated for completion around July, will connect the
command’s servers and support research personnel through high-speed links to online
databases, Web sites, DOD supercomputers and a proprietary intranet.

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