Data Mover optimizes backup

The Extended High Performance Data Mover optimizes tape backup operations by
interleaving blocks of data from multiple disk drives onto a single tape.

According to Storage Technology Corp. of Louisville, Colo., the technique can reduce
the time required for backup by more than 40 percent.

The backup optimization software copies data from multiple disk volumes and creates
super-blocks of data. The software then interleaves the superblocks from several disk
volumes onto a single tape to make maximum use of available tape media.

Licenses for StorageTek’s Data Mover range from $100,000 to $250,000, depending on
the number of CPUs in a configuration.

Contact StorageTek at 800-786-7835.

The Visual Insights Developer’s Toolkit from Lucent Technologies Inc. of Murray
Hill, N.J., supplies visualization components for existing data mining and analysis

Based on Microsoft Corp.’s ActiveX control architecture, the interactive software
components let programmers display the relationships between data in one field and
variables represented by any other fields.

The tool shows the rules used in a data query to help programmers validate
relationships in the data set. An introductory one-year, noncommercial license for Visual
Insights is $25,000 for organizations with fewer than 200 employees and $50,000 for those
with more than 200 employees.

Contact Lucent Technologies at 908-582-8500.


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