The Xerox Model 8825 printer for engineering workgroups produces A- to E-sized drawings
at 400-dot-per-inch resolution. Powered by a 200-MHz PowerPC 603e chip, the 8825 can
render 33 levels of grayscale and single-pixel lines.

The TCP/IP network printer comes with a suite of client software tools for remote
access and queue management.

Xerox Engineering Systems, a division of Xerox Corp., prices the workgroup printer at

Contact Xerox Engineering Systems at 800-937-2527.

A new release of the Visaj productivity tool for Java developers incorporates extensive
support for Sun Microsystems Inc.’s Java Foundation Class Swing components.

The pure Java tool from Imperial Software Technology Ltd. runs under Unix, Microsoft
Windows NT, Windows 9x and Apple Macintosh operating systems.

Visaj 2.0 starts at $495 for the first license. A Visaj ProPack 2.0 license starts at

Contact Imperial Software at 650-688-0200.

The Maxoptix MaxDAT 3 tape backup drive for small and midrange servers stores 12G of
uncompressed data on a single industry-standard Digital Data Storage-3 cartridge.

The DDS-3 drive from Maxoptix Corp. of Fremont, Calif., is backward-compatible with
four generations of DDS media.

A MaxDAT 3 SCSI drive, including one 125M DDS-3 tape cartridge, is $1,415 for the
internal version and $1,554 for the external version.

Contact Maxoptix at 510-353-9700.

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