ON Technology's Jumpstart can apply remote fixes, upgrades to network PCs

ON Technology Corp. of Cambridge, Mass., has added a desktop year 2000 module to its ON
Command Comprehensive Client Manager (CCM).

The CCM remote desktop administration tool, called Y2K Jumpstart, runs on a server
under Unix or Microsoft Windows NT and evaluates clients running Windows 3.x, Windows 9x
and NT.

The administrator can apply fixes to a client’s BIOS, operating system, network
operating system files, applications and data without having to visit each separate

Jumpstart is a free upgrade to CCM 4.0 under customer maintenance agreements.

It works cooperatively with year 2000 analysis tools from Tally Systems Corp. of
Hanover, N.H., and Viasoft Inc. of Phoenix, which are also available from ON Technology.

Working with Tally Systems’ Centennial 2000, Jumpstart can perform rollover and
leap year tests on the PC BIOS and real-time clock, updating remotely any that fail. With
Viasoft’s OnMark 2000 Assess, it scans desktop files for potential date problems.

Jumpstart also can remotely apply vendor-supplied upgrades, service packs and fixes.

Remote testing and fixing of clients is essential when networks are large, an ON
Technology spokesman said. He said several federal offices have begun proof-of-concept
testing because “it’s easy to find money for Y2K.”

CCM is $145 per desktop for 500 clients.

Contact ON Technology Corp. at 617-374-1400.

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