Army shores up servicewide ATM use by approving OmniSwitch for network

The Army has approved the OmniSwitch asynchronous transfer mode switch from Xylan Corp.
of Calabasas, Calif., for its Common User Interface Transport Network after completing
performance and interoperability testing at the Army’s Technology Integration Center
at Fort Huachuca, Ariz.

CUITN will have dual ATM switches at the network core, linked over an OC-3 Synchronous
Optical Network to routers. The Army switch tests simulated full-speed File Transfer
Protocol, Telnet, e-mail and streaming video traffic of 3,000 users.

The Navy recently chose Xylan switches for shipboard use [GCN, Nov. 23, 1998, Page 8]. Army approval means
the switch can be built into LANs at Army bases and into the backbone of the servicewide
CUITN network.  

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