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Kenwood Technologies’ Multi-beam CD-ROM drive can transfer up to 7 megabytes/sec,
which means users can load and run applications from CD-ROM nearly as fast as they can
from hard drives.

The IDE drive splits the laser beam seven ways to read seven tracks at once, then
combines the data and sends it to the computer, said Grady Tucker, federal sales manager
for the Kenwood USA Corp. subsidiary.

Dunn Computer Corp. of Sterling, Va., sells the drives as upgrades to computers on its
General Services Administration Information Technology Schedule contract. The drives start
at $129.

Contact Kenwood Technologies at 301-590-0734.

The GridCase 1580 PII rugged notebook PC from Grid Government Systems has a 14-inch
screen, combination floppy/20X CD-ROM drive, transparent rubber membrane keyboard cover
and multimedia options such as zoom video.

The 5-millimeter-thick magnesium casing is lightweight and resistant to impact and
vibration. The base unit starts at $9,500 with 233-MHz Pentium processor and 3G hard
drive. Grid Government Systems of Vienna, Va., has users in the Air Force, Army, Marine
Corps and Navy. The company sells optional docking stations, fax modems, carrying cases,
battery chargers, extra batteries, car adapters and mounting brackets.

Contact Grid Government Systems at 703-734-9600.

After 112 years of making typewriters and other office products, Smith Corona Corp.
makes PCs, too.

The Cortland, N.Y., company sells four PC models through its schedule contract and that
of Vanstar Government Systems of Fairfax, Va. Native Technologies Inc. of Reston, Va., is
an 8(a) reseller.

A 266-MHz Smith Corona Pentium II system costs $1,399 with 32M of synchronous dynamic
RAM, a 4.3G hard drive, 17-inch monitor, 32X CD-ROM drive and Microsoft Windows 95.

Also included are a free upgrade to Windows 98, one-day classroom training and
three-year warranty for parts and labor, the first year on site.

Contact Smith Corona at 607-753-6011.

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